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Quality policies

It all starts with good Quality policies. The Executive Management at Bountiful Enterprises have made a commitment to our quality program. This includes continuous product inspections and periodic auditing of the process, including a complete review of the quality program annually.

Product Inspection

Continuous inspections are performed and documented by trained quality-control personnel on fabricated product as it moves through the various processes. Thanks to the help of advancements in software, we are able to provide clean and organized inspection records for any specific part of the entire project.


Close out documents

Our Quality Policy includes material tracking, continuous product inspection and document control. Upon request we will provide close out documents consisting of MTRs, CofC, inspection records, shipping records, final drawings, etc.



We are proud to be a Certified Welding Fabricator certified by the American Welding Society. We have an in-house Certified Weld Inspector who is also the head of our Welding Quality Assurance Program. All of our welding personnel are certified in accordance to the American Welding Society


The Software

We use Tekla

We utilize Tekla Structures as our 3D detailing software. Tekla is a leader in structural steel detailing. Tekla's free BIM viewer makes an excellent source for project collaboration and review.

Detailing Services

Our detailing abilities consist of 3D modeling, complete with drawings, connection design, and engineering. We have a team of in-house detailers that utilize multi-user models allowing us to have multiple detailers working on a single project, thus improving drawing submittal time. Our detailing staff is led by our Detailing Manager who has over 20 years of experience in structural steel. Every project goes through rigorous in-house checking before it is sent to the design team for review.

Detailing Team

We learned a long time ago that if a project is going to be successful, it starts with good detailing. Therefore, it is our policy that we will only use in-house detailing or sub-contract detailers that we have a long personal relationship with and have been trained in our detailing standards. We guarantee that no overseas or low-budget drawings will come from us.

Fabrication Facility

Our fabrication facility consists of nearly 70,000 square feet, all with overhead cranes. The facility houses material staging areas for CNC equipment lines, first phase fabrication bay, three fit-up bays, multiple welding bays, two large indoor paint bays, and an indoor loading bay.


Quality Control

Quality and certified QC personnel perform continuous inspections on fabricated parts. Inspection records are maintained and can be submitted upon request.

Fabrication Processes

We have a complete line of in-house fabrication processes. We rarely sub any fabricating processes—less than 3%

    Our Processes includes:

  • Computer Controlled Plate Processing
  • Computer Controlled Shape Cutting
  • Computer Controlled Bent Plate Processing
  • Computer Controlled Beam Line
  • Saw Line
  • Beam Cambering
  • Fit-up
  • Welding
  • Painting

The Steel Erecting Advantage

In 2016 we started offering steel erecting as part of our services to give the customer a turnkey product. Let's be clear, we are not subcontracting out the erecting, we are performing the erecting service ourselves. This means everyone is on the same team and looking out for each other. It also means that our erectors are heavily involved with the project from detailing through fabrication. The result of this level of team work and communication creates major time saving of the overall steel construction.


Equipment and Shipping

Our fleet of equipment continues to grow every year. We have the necessary equipment to be successful and we have the shipping capabilities to move the equipment ourselves, putting us in control of when to mobilize. This is just another way that we can ensure that we are doing what we say we will do.


The Fleet

When it comes to shipping, we do it and we do it well! We have a yard full of flatbed trailers, several equipment hauling trailers, and four trucks. all along with a couple of the best drivers you'll ever meet.


Pushing The Limits

We are known for being the fabricator that can send large assemblies pre-fabricated to the jobsite. We push the boundries on what can be shipped over the road, with custom trailers, custom cribbing and racks. We are able to legally ship products that couldn't otherwise be shipped using conventional shipping methods.


Heavy Haulers

These rigs are set up to transport our cranes and other equipment from jobsite to jobsite. This gives us the ability to take care of erecting crews by making sure they have the equipment they need when they need it. We take pride in our ability to get the job done.


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